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Attaboy is not available for events or private parties. We are a casual place, no reservations needed! 

Tables are first come first serve. Please bus your table after enjoying beers & food. If you plan on coming with a large group on a Saturday, it is probably best to get here before 2pm. Feel free to bring in cake!


Q: We'd love to serve your beers at our establishment. How can I open a wholesale account with you?

A: Currently we're just delivering beer in Frederick County. Please shoot us an email if you'd like to carry Attaboy!


Q: Do you serve flights?

A: Yes, we sell 3 x 4oz pours for $7.

Q: Will you fill growlers from other breweries?
A. We sure do. We only ask that they be clean and dark glass or stainless.

We also sell Crowlers - 32oz. aluminum cans that we fill and seal right here on site. 

Q: Do we need reservations for tours?
A. No, just show up 12:30p on Saturdays and let the bar staff know. We have a free tour from the brewer each Saturday.

Q: Some of my friends don't like beer. Can we bring in wine, cider, etc?

A. NO!! It is illegal to bring in outside alcohol. We could lose our license. The good news is we make and sell hard cider. 

Q: Are kids allowed in the tasting room?

A: Yes, we are a family-friendly brewery. NO KIDS AFTER 8PM. No roaming, please keep them busy and clean up after your crew. Remember, we are here to sell beer so please respect your fellow beer drinkers. Be cool! And lastly, per County law they cannot sit at the bar. 

Q: Do you allow dogs in your tasting room? 
A: Yes, the indoor/outdoor area and beer garden are dog friendly. Please clean up after your dog. Don't let them eat the plants. No dogs on chairs or tables. 

Q: Do you serve food in your tasting room? 
A: No, but we have food trucks each day. Check out our food truck line-up
here>>Outside food is also welcome. 

Q: Can I buy a keg from you for a private home/party?

A: Maryland State Law only allows us to sell 288 oz direct to one customer. And at the moment we are not distributing to liquor stores for private purchase.

If you want to buy a keg of local beer, head over to Ye Olde Spirit Shop or Barley & Hops. 


Attaboy is just a small startup brewery at the moment (Brian, Carly & a small staff!) and we're getting our feet on the ground. We do however want to give back to the community and give in a way that we can make a larger impact. For 2019, we have decided to put all of our efforts in support of Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County and will take part in two fundraisers for them. 


Why Boys & Girls Club? As parents of two little ones, we feel after school activities are important and should be available for all. Not everyone has a safe place to go to or a snack waiting for them after each school day. Boys & Girls Club provide this for many children and families.

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